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6 Best Tips Manage Beard Curls Under Chin

Growing hair below the chin in men is a sign of masculinity and maturity. Everyone has different beard pattern and different beard style. Some men have long and straight beard hair while some have beard curls under the chin. Those who never shaved their beard once usually have beard curls. The major benefit of curl beard is that it gives intended and thick beard look but to handle such curls is…
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How To Remove Beard Dye From Skin?

Staining a beard with DIY has become a trend among men. The young people stain their beard for fun and versatile looks while the aged people stain their beard to hide gray hairs. Obviously when you stain your beard it will dye your skin also. It is very tricky to stain the…
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5 Best Ways How To Make Stubble Softer?

Stubble, whether short or long gives a glimpse look to the personality of a man. It is a way to boost muscularity in a man’s personality. It has become a trend to have stylish stubble. According to research men having stubble are usually more liked by girls than clean…
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How To Shave Your Head Without Clippers?

How to shave your head without clippers? This question is alarming for those who love shaved head. Hair clippers are the best devices that work more effectively and efficiently. Therefor men prefer to shave scalp with hair clippers. But if the hair clippers are not present or out of order what is the best alternate in this situation. Hair clippers are usually for reducing the length of the hair to…
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Best False Lashes For Asian Eyes

Everyone knows that eyes are essential sense organs of our body, and we are also blessed with eyelashes that protect our eyes from harmful things and increase the beauty of our eyes. Some people have large eyes and eyelashes, & some have small. It has become a trend in…