If you have heavy weight and are looking for the best toilet seat for heavy person then it is not strange, because the standard toilet seat can bear only 300-400 pounds weight.

So it becomes tough for heavy people to hold on such seat. It becomes very uncomfortable for obese people.

As we know that a toilet seat designed for children is not suitable for the adult in the same way a standard toilet seat is also not “ok” for the heavy one.

But now obese people do not need to take any worry as we have come with best toilet seat for heavy people for their ease and comfortable.

People in the world have different shapes and sizes. Everyone has specific needs for life according to its size. The heavy people usually require large clothes, extra-large chair, and large bed for sleep.

In the same sense they require large or heavy-duty toilet seat to support the heavy weight because they cannot use standard toilet with same comfortable just like the normal people can.

The standard toilets have less weight-bearing chances and there is likely more chance of toilet seat’s distraction if heavy people use them.

So keeping in view all these problems that heavy people may face many company offer extra-large toilet with large toilet seat but most of them just claim durability and in actual are not reliable.

According to World Health Organization about 39% of the people are facing obesity issues in the world. That is why we have reviewed some best toilet with large seat for heavy people that have maximum capacity to bear weight.

Best Toilet Seat For Heavy People

Product NameProduct Price
Big John 3-W Oversized Toilet Seat
Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat 
HONBOO Elongated Toilet Seat 
American Standard Heavy-duty Elongated Toilet Seat 

Following are the best toilet seat for heavy people. All have strong construction and durability for heavy weight.

  1. Big John 3-W Oversized Toilet Seat
  2. Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat
  3. HONBOO Elongated Toilet Seat
  4. American Standard Heavy-duty Elongated Toilet Seat

Big John 3-W Oversized Toilet Seat:

For the heavy people Big John comes with best heavier toilet seat and Big John 3-W oversized toilet seat is one of the best seats among that series.

Its ergonomic design has great stability and maximum weight-bearing capacity with over-weight people.

This model has more efficiency and supports that big John’s 1 model. Its open front design makes it more hygienic, and women mostly prefer such designs as it provides much comfort.

	 Best Toilet Seat For Heavy People

Now you do not need to take worry to find a toilet compatible to the toilet seat. It is perfect choice if you want to save money and time for finding the best one.

The stainless-steel fixtures make it more durable and secure for the user. It is made up of high-quality ABS plastic and stabilized rubber material that provides more stability to it, and it can hold up to 1200 pounds weight.

But most of the people do not like to have open front design as it is not suitable for everyone.

Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat

Bath Royale has created this user-friendly and comfortable toilet seat for obese people. This brand always offers high-quality products for its customer.

Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat has also the best high-quality polypropylene material that provides durability.

This non-porous material us stain and moisture resistant and can with stand in harsh environment also. Furthermore, it does not absorb microorganisms and is recyclable material.

	 Best Toilet Seat For Heavy People


It is very comfortable and can bear up to 400 pounds of weight. It has close functioned that means you do not need to take worry about accidental slamming or leaking.

You can easily remove the toilet seat and clean it just like the standard toilet seats. With the high-grade mounting hardware, it is also available in chrome finishing.

You can buy it I elongated or round contour. The 4- non-slip bumpers are effective for distribution of the weight all around.

But most of the people complain that the lid is too soft and does not close fast, and it is also incompatible with bidet.

Honboo Elongated Toilet Seat

Honboo elongated toilet seat is the best, high-quality and affordable toilet seat. It has efficient installation for every type of toilet.

Its ergonomic design provides strength and support to the body. It is made of the sturdy material that makes it able to bear more than 350 pounds of the weight.



The elongated concave design will exactly fit to your hips and provide comfort. It is easy to clean with two button quick release process. It is also made up of the polypropylene that is high-grade, non-toxic, and durable material.

Its thermal insulating quality makes it more amicable and comfortable for use. It comes with 2- years warranty.

It is stabilized due to bumpers and these bumpers make it non-slippery while sitting on it. But for most people its concave design may cause discomfort.

American Standard Heavy-Duty Elongated Toilet Seat

American standard heavy-duty elongated toilet seat is also made up of polypropylene material that makes it strong and unbreakable.

It is comfortable for people with heavy hips. It is the only one toilet series that comes with stainless-steel hinges. While the others have plastic hinges.



This toilet seat has front open and is coverlets. It is stain resistant and stops the growth of the molds and bacteria.

It is strong and durable for heavy people. You can use it for commercial toilets for heavy people. It comes in affordable price. But it is not much comfortable like other toilet seats.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Toilet Seat For Heavy People

Before buying the best toilet seat for heavy people it is better to remember the following guidelines. They will help you in purchasing the best toilet seat in affordable price.

Weight-Bearing Capacity

The first thing you need to take care is weight-bearing capacity of the toilet seat you want to buy.

You must have idea what is your weight and how much is the weight-bearing ability of the toilet seat you choose. There are different types of the toilet seat according to the weight of the customer.


Along with high weight capacity, the over-sized toilet seat must have stabilizing bumpers, so the toilet seat may remain stable while an obese person sit on it.

Moreover, it must be comfortable and has ergonomic design for extra height. You can look for open front or close design according to your comfort.

The horseshoe shaped seat is more reliable for a heavy person. Its price should be affordable.


The material you choose for toilet seat should be durable, non-slip and stain resistant. So that it may not break under high pressure. Most of the toilet seats are made up of polypropylene that is strong and durable material and perfect for obese people. Big John’s toilet seat series are of chemically resistant plastic that makes it more adorable and reliable for use for heavy people.

Shapes And Size Of The Toilet Seat

Toilet seats are available in different shapes and size. But you have to look the one that is comfortable for over-weighted people. You can choose elongated and standard sized toilet seat for over-sized people for their maximum comfort.

Moreover, when you go for high-quality seat, keep in mind that hinges of the seat should also be durable and of high-quality. The strong hinges provide more stability and reliability.

Most of the toilets have plastic hinges while only few brands offer stainless-steel hinges such as American standard heavy toilet seat series. That is why these seats are more stable than others.


The toilet seat you choose should have easy installation process so that it may fix in the bowl without wasting time. A high-quality and good toilet seat takes about 10-20 minutes for clamps or bolt on installation. Furthermore, buy the one that has 2 -3-year warranty. Such brands provide more durability in the material, and you can choose their manufactured toilet seat for a long time. The toilet seat should have the best support and should be compatible to the toilet bowl.

Frequently Asks Questions about Best Toilet Seat for Heavy People:

Which Series Offer The Best Quality Toilet Seats?

Big John’s offers best toilet seat for all sized people. For the over-sized people 3-W toilet seat of big john is the ideal choice.

What Should Be The Weight Capacity Of The Toilet Seat For Heavy People?

For the heavy people, the weight capacity of toilet seat should be 500 pounds.

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